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What is Goertek

Since our founding in June 2001, we have remained an innovative company with a strong focus on continuously maintaining a high-level of competitive advantage in an ever-increasing number of industries. We are a world-forerunner in component parts such as: Acoustics, Sensor, Optoelectronic and 3D Packaging Module. For finished products, we are a world-forerunner in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Wearable, Hearable, Robotics, AI and other digital-era hardware.

By being goal-focused, since our IPO in May 2008 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Goertek has maintained rapid growth. Our sole goal is to be the best one-stop service for our world-renowned clients. As a result, we have highly-integrated the value chain within the consumer electronics industry and have built long-lasting strategic relationships with our clients, suppliers and industry partners. Our precision design of intelligent manufacturing platforms is based on vertically integrating systems to deliver the greatest value to all of our clients. From the upstream (precision component, modules and intelligent hardware focus) to the downstream (molding, injection molding, surface treatments, independent design and high-precision focus) our automated manufacturing methodologies are excellent. 

Our global R&D centers focus on leveraging cooperation strategies in order to provide brilliant technical solutions within the acoustic, optical and general electronics industries. In order to provide clients with locally-based R&D solutions, to reach our highest possible level of performance and to take advantage of localized specialized talent, Goertek has established our global R&D network in the following countries: China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Nanjing), USA, Denmark, Sweden, Japan,South Korea and so on.

“We make it together.”

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